Western Australia state asks Iron ore Miners to pay cash in advance

  Important to know on May 29th: Global stocks drift in thin trade; U.S., U.K., China closed Dollar steady in quiet trade; British pound jumps Oil dips as traders weigh U.S. drilling, OPEC cuts Mario Draghi takes center stage North Korea fires another ballistic missile   Iron Ore Market Western Australian state officials are going [...]

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Gazprom’s concessions – possibly improved after today’s meeting

Asian markets trade today Major markets are closed today, due to holiday. Asian markets were moving flat, after the North Korea's latest ballistic missile. North Korea tested the ninth missile this year. It has fired the missile near the country's cost. It landed in the Sea of Japan. Before landing, the missile was in the [...]

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Will OPEC make it to co-exist with U.S. shale oil ?

At the beginning , they ignored each other. After a while, they went into a bruising fight. Now, finally, they are talking, although with opposing agendas. The evolution of the relationship between OPEC and the United States oil industry now lasts for about 5 years. 5 years ago, OPEC discovered it has a rival emerging [...]

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Short Overview of main Weekly deals & economic events

United States Nasdaq and S&P 500 overcame the last week's losses.¬†They were at the record levels on Friday's closing, observing the period of two weeks. Strongly supported by the surge in tech stocks, as well as the political unrest which is taking place in U.S. these days.   OPEC & Oil OPEC and non-OPEC countries [...]

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One-fifth of Mongolia to be opened for digging

Mining industry executives expect new mining boom in Mongolia. It is going to start very soon. It will open about 21% of country's territory. Which is more than one-fifth, in order to explore its mining potential. Mongolia goes through financial IMF-led bailout. And it currently removed the main obstacle of $5.5 million which was affecting [...]

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Next Week Forecasts

Important weekly events (Short Recollection) Friday was a day when Oil futures came to a four week's high. The prices scored a weekly rise of more than 5%. And most noteworthy the optimism on upcoming production cuts rose the positive expectations and market movement. The cuts will be extended to next 9 months. Starting from [...]

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A Brief summary of market movement this week:

  Wednesday, May the 17th was the day when U.S. stocks felt the worst decline of 2017. The world's top investors survived huge risks and have lost the amounts of money, due to reports that came out about President Trump, and the market movements which followed. Observing the indexes, The Dow definitely had the worst [...]

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SHFE Friday’s morning trade: Copper prices

Economic Events: Canada Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM at actual 0.3% Canada Core Retail Sales MoM came to actual -0.1% while forecast was -0.3%   SHFE Today Observing the copper prices this morning, they were pretty stronger on SHFE. Asia morning trading on Friday May 19 was following positive Chinese economic data and a [...]

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Saturday: Donald Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia; Ryadh CEO forum

Firstly, Donald Trump is visiting Saudi Arabia this Saturday. The Saudi Aramco is going to conclude deals with 12 United State's companies during this visit. Secondly, Saudi Aramco plans to push and develop the local workers and manufacturing in all the possible ways. According to sources, this is part of Saudi Aramco's plan to develop [...]

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Vessels with U.S. Oil en voyage to Asia; as OPEC measures extending cuts

TOP 5 events in Today's Market: More Trump drama as White House turmoil deepens Dollar struggles to recover from worst day in almost a year Global stocks extend slump amid Trump jitters Oil slides as investors weigh U.S. drilling, extended OPEC cuts British pound rises above $1.30 for first time in 8 months For further [...]

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