Statoil: Technology question cuts off Arctic drilling campaign

Statoil is Norwegian state oil company. It stopped drilling in the Barents Sea in the Arctic region. Right after the court gave away the temporary warrant in a technology dispute with a small Norwegian firm. What did exactly happen? Norwegian company Neo Drill said the technology which Stat Oil was using is based on its [...]

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Futures overview on May the 8th: Copper drops to 5-month low

Today's market had some very stressful outcomes. Volatility was huge, and main base metals and commodities prices were changing their movements unexpectedly, in a way that predictions were mostly positive. Copper Comex copper prices started trading in the new week at the lowest price since December. Among signs of weak global demand, focusing particularly on [...]

Oil immerses, on U.S. stock decline

Oil prices tumbled lower today, May 3. Right after the U.S. government data showed a smaller-than-expected decline in domestic crude inventories. There was also shown a weak demand for gasoline. And it is feeding bothers about a supply glut.   Oil Numbers & Data Benchmark Brent crude LCOc1 was down 8 cents at $50.38 a [...]

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  The coldest place in Russia In one of the coldest spots on earth, Oymyakon district of the Republic of Sakha in Russia, it is believed that gold outputs will very soon rise. Yakutia (Oymyakon) in winter gets so cold that metal actually snaps. It gives an opportunity to examine the field and extract as [...]

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