Metals trade today: LME & International Economic Events

LME Today:

Metals prices on the LME slightly declined during morning trade today. Prices were down for an average of 0.6%.

Recollecting the positive Monday, that had closing prices up for about 0.3%. Nickel had a fall of 1.7%, but the average gain would have been 0.6% led by a 1.2% rise in aluminium price.

Firstly, spot precious metals were up for about 0.4% this morning. Gold prices are up 0.2% at $1,233.50 per oz, the rest are all up 0.5%. This comes after a mixed day’s performance on Monday when palladium prices dropped 1.1%, silver and platinum prices were up around 1.1%, and gold prices were up just 0.2%.

Secondly, observing morning trade in SHFE, copper and aluminium prices were a bit up, with copper prices at 45,220 yuan ($6,555) per tonne.  Other base metals complex are down an average of 0.8%. Spot copper prices in Changjiang are up 0.1% at 45,120-45320 yuan per tonne, while the LME/Shanghai copper arb ratio is weaker again at 8.10.

International Markets & Main Economic Events

Thirdly, Brent crude oil prices are up 0.3% at $51.92 per barrel. The market oscillates on a likely OPEC deal extension. The yield on the US ten-year treasuries is little changed at around 2.33%.

Equities on Monday were firmer, the Euro Stoxx 50 closed up 0.1% and the Dow closed up 0.4% at 20,982. Asia has generally seen follow through buying interest this morning with the Nikkei and ASX 200 up 0.2%, the CSI 300 is up 0.1%, the Kospi is up marginally, while the Hang Seng is bucking the trend with a 0.3% decline.

If we have a closer look, the dollar index is showing weakness again.  It is now leveled at 98.75, having seen a recent high of 99.89. For now the 2017 trend is to the downside, with recent lows at 98.54.

Following, the euro is now stronger at 1.0994, it looks well placed to push higher. Also the Australian dollar at 0.7425, seems to push higher. While the sterling and the yen are flat. Sterling at 1.2912 and yen at 113.49.

Economic data

Japan’s tertiary industry activity slipped 0.2% after a 0.2% climb previously.

later there is data on French and UK CPI and a host of other UK price data and leading indicators, Italian and EU GDP, German and EU ZEW economic sentiment and data on the EU trade balance. US data includes: building permits, housing starts, industrial production, capacity utilization rate and mortgage delinquencies – see table below for more details.

Chinese infrastructure projects

President Xi Jinping’s oath of $78 billion worth of financing for infrastructure projects, indicates the One Belt One Road plan is continuing.  It should be long-term backup for metals’ demand. This affected positively almost all the metals on Monday. But if that will be further trend, we will see soon.


Other Base Metals

Nickel started to fall yesterday, while copper and aluminium were showing some weakness this morning. Zinc and lead prices are looking more fragile. Today’s lead prices setting a fresh low at $2,092 per tonne. Unless buying emerges soon, the path of least resistance looks set to remain to the downside.


Precious Metals

Most of the precious metals are more solid, their recent price weakness appears to have induced agreement hunting.

Except palladium, where resistance above $820 per oz. It seems to be acting as a cap and lack of upside progress is encouraging profit-taking.  Seems like silver and platinum have currently looked oversold.

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    Metals producers in China soon will need improved ROI to stay alive, panelists at industry event say.

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