Weaker Chinese data; U.S. aluminium sector asks Britain & EU to unite against China

U.S. Representatives Spokesman of the U.S. aluminum industry are speaking to EU counterparts. They have written to British Prime Minister Theresa May. Asking urgent action against "massive illegal subsidies" in China that bluster Western jobs. Trade lawyers and some governments accuse China of unfairly subsidizing major industries in breach of the rules of the World [...]

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Small price increases for LME base metals; only zinc declines (27.04.)

Another morning of wispy price increases today, on the London Metal Exchange. Following average gains of 0.8% on Wednesday. Zinc was the only base metal to see a decline this morning, falling just $2 per ton. All other metals recorded small increases. Copper prices were followed by the news that major copper producers BHP Billiton, [...]

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Asia’s fuel demand stubmbles, after years of soaring growth

  ASIAN FUEL DEMAND The explosive growth of fuel consumption in Asia, is  taking a downwards trend. Fuel consumption in Asia’s biggest economies is plummeting under the OPEC’s decision to end a global supply glut and lift prices.   First of all, Asia takes third  place  over the global supplies. Asia Is the worlds fastest [...]

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