Output Cuts prolonged; Oil price falls

OPEC made a decision today. It agreed to extend oil output cuts untill March 2018. OPEC's cuts have led the oil prices back over $50 a barrel. Giving a fiscal stimulus to producers. To those countries who rely on energy revenues. And who have had to burn through foreign-currency reserves to cap holes in their [...]

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Final foresight before OPEC’s official meeting on May 25th

OPEC and its non-OPEC allies oil producers, today in Vienna went closer to agreeing on prolonged output cuts. The OPEC will tomorrow definitely decide on whether to prolong the accord reached in December. Market participants expect an extension by nine months. Supported by the scenario in which OPEC's main member Saudi Arabia and top non-member [...]

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Oil prices rise, as OPEC’s decision is getting closer

Tuesday's Oil prices were a bit volatile, but now Oil rose again on expectations of OPEC's output cuts extension. As Thursday is nearing, the OPEC meeting is giving a support to global oil prices. There were some losses earlier today in the session. After White House said it would sell off half of the country's [...]

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OPEC, hedge funds and the Sistine Chapel

The most important Events in the Market Today: Oil is extending rally as investors wait for OPEC meeting on Thursday Global stocks mostly higher as markets recover poise Dollar creeps up off 6-month lows British pound slides as U.K. threatens to quit Brexit talks Bitcoin tops $2,100 for the first time! For further info on [...]

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Extending Oil Cuts; Oil price soon peaking $60

Khalid al-Falih today said that Oil output cuts are definitely going to take its place till march 2018; Global Production cuts are going to recover Oil market in further 5 years. As it is planned. The aim of OPEC and non-OPEC allies is to curb the outputs and lift the Oil prices, in order to [...]

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May the 25th: OPEC is definitely extending Oil output cuts (forecast)

Vienna, final decision: May the 25th, and the meeting in Vienna, is crucial date for Oil market. The day when everything is going to be way more clear. Also the day when OPEC will again show that despite all the concerns and all the market fuss it still holds the power over Oil Market; Presently, [...]

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Iran agrees on extending the cuts, if allies sign

17 May, Wednesday: You should know about Today's Market: Concerns over Trump dominate headlines Fed rate hike bets continue to recede Dollar continues decline, gold strengthens on stimulus delay concerns Global stocks shift to risk-off mode on Trump worries Oil slips on crude inventory build For further info on these subjects, visit: http://www.investing.com Iran's Oil According [...]

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West Texas drillers could weaken any OPEC agreement on extending the cuts

All the Oil producing countries which have a deal with OPEC, along with Russia, can extend their deals. But at the same time this will be a green light for United States oil producers. If the price oscillates following levels between $50 and $60, these are the great news for the U.S. oil drillers. They [...]

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Russian exports; Gas and Oil production

Russia expects balance in Oil market; in case production cut prolongs   Alexander Novak said Global Oil markets will come to a balance soon. If the production cuts extend till the early 2018; or late 2017. Entering the winter of 2018, a supply-demand will find its equilibrium. "Judging from the current dynamics in the decline [...]

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U.S. Oil Imports Decline; Crude Inventories tumble;

Crude Reserves   Observing the U.S. crude reserves, they had the biggest one-week fall down since December. It happened last week as imports fell down roughly. Furthermore, inventories of refined products also declined. Helping aliment of oil prices that were down by worries about oversupply. Crude inventories USOILC=ECI fell 5.2 million barrels in the week [...]

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